Chat with professional lettering artists as they share their process creating hand drawn typography.
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I recently volunteered at a Design hackathon(createAthon) hosted by BuildASign in association with AIGA(the professional association for design).
I am very glad I got this opportunity to work with talented graphic designers MARA FLEET, JACK PEWITT and our super cool, creative & extremely patient Team Lead ADAM DUDD.
After the initial brainstorming session about the Keep Austin Fed's vision, mission, 
pain points and goals we moved on to the research phase where we delved deep into the Brand overview, the demographic that is/can be targeted for volunteering opportunities and website analysis(as part of the UX audit requested by Keep Austin Fed).
We finally summed up by coming up with each of our own idea of their Brand Values/Idea. We combined the most common words listed that could be used to clearly resonate their Brand Value/Idea.
We proceeded to draw inspiration for new colors, photographs and typograghy from their website & also took a fresh look at visual elements that pronounced the significance of the involvement of passionate, selfless humans in the everyday delivery of food to our neighbors in need.
We decided that senior citizens(in particular Austin's active, hippie & eco-friendly new retirees in addition to stay at home parents and college students) with their daytime completely at disposal would be a huge demographic to target for volunteering.
We wanted the illustration and typography to convey the hand-drawn/handwritten, personal touch kinda feeling.
Some of the Logo designs we came up with
Keep Austin Fed's existing website(annotations during UX audit)
Keep Austin Fed's Program Director Lisa Barden was very happy with the outcome of the project. She thanked us immensely and really loved the powerful yet playful imagery that can be used in posters and in social media platforms to promote the brand image of Keep Austin Fed.
She was glad that we were able to capture the essence of Keep Austin Fed - the Donors, the volunteers & the recipients in the website redesign; who she thought were key to running the non-profit organization too. 
Overall an EXHILARATING & exhausting experience. We couldn't have done it without the super helpful staff at BuildASign such as Margaret, Laura, Bobby and so many others.