Pattern Design
"Lime Blossom" (original title: "Lindenblüten") made for the Hotel Bristol
Joh. Backhausen & Söhne
Material: Wool (chain), cotton (chain & shot)
Technique: woven

Decorative Fabric "Sponges" (original title: "Schwämme")
Material: Cotton, silk, wool
Pattern "Snowberry"
© Backhausen GmbH
Surface decoration "The Reciprocal Dancers" (original title: "Die Reciproken Tänzerinnen")
Surface decoration "Wall Hanging - The Maturity Time" (original title: „Wandbehang – Die Reifezeit“)
Surface decoration "Mrs. Nolda - Woven Wall hanging" (original title: „Frau Nolda - gewebter Wandbehang“)
Pattern "Hairdryer

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Pattern Design

Pattern Design

The inspiration for most of my patterns I took from the Arts and Crafts movement and Japanese art. The influence of the latter is clear to see in Read More