This is an ongoing charity project that i'm busy with - "Draw Together". A project that to complete a drawing between illustrator and kid from the orphanage, Hannah Home.  We will transferred the drawing into fridge magnet and sell to public for fund raising to this orphanage. At last, i would to thanks my college's senior and junior who are willing to spend their time to join me for this lovely project. And this was a great meaningful reunion for us! :)

If you are interested to purchase the magnet, please email me at
This fridge magnet set contain 5 different design as per shown below. It's only RM12 (USD4)

Nicobemus & Bel koo
Abigail & Priscilla Loh
Julia & Chin Choong Kooi
Luke and Gary Chew
Johnmse, Jin Zai Dong & Cherry Hoo
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