Linking Art

Linking Art is a groundbreaking idea for the world of art. Born as a concept, evolved into a graduation thesis and finally became reality as a startup developed within the ‘Incubatore Tecnologico del comune di Firenze’ and awarded for its high innovative value.

A brand new artwork marketplace

We started with a MVP created with DatoCMS, and designed a static landing page to introduce the purpose of the project through a cultural manifesto. The main goal was to study and elaborate the meritocracy process together with the customer.

Linking Art purpose is to make art approachable by everyone. Therefore we designed a brand based on simple yet solid signs. The logomark is made up of three parts, each of those identified by a pattern representing an art style; different styles merge together and take shape of an A, the A of Art. The color palette is distinctive, patterns are made of geometrical shapes and the sans serif typography is clean and essential. We also created advertising pages for Arte magazine.
Color palette
Alternative lockups

During the initial stage we mainly focused on communication, creating a brand that could guide the development of the whole project. The landing page stayed up for about three months and it helped gathering initial members through a CTA and spread the word in magazines from the Art field.
Website mockups
Static ecommerce

E-commerce platforms are highly dynamic environments, and must deal with availability, search, shipping calculations and the checkout process. We tested and integrated our DatoCMS with Snipcart, a SaaS shopping cart and checkout platform which can be used on static websites through RESTful API. We structured the database and created CMS templates, to handle typical e-commerce values such as weight, dimensions, quantity and price. This information is sent to Snipcart which takes care of both the shipping cart and checkout process. Our approach guarantees a light and fast solution, with no development or maintenance issues, that allowed maximum freedom in frontend design without major technical limitations.
Mobile mockups
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