L O W   L E V E L   S P O I L E R
Cruiser board & Knockdown stool

I remember the shape of car spoiler I saw when I was a child (that car was toyota supra)
The pleasure by looking at the elegant shape of spoiler vividly stuck in my mind
Toyota Supra. 1993
so, I wanted to reinterpret that form into a product.

Low level spoiler - cruiser board

Easy to carry
Spoilers can be used as a knob. If you enjoy riding a skateboard, you'd notice the utility of this handle.

Suspension style truck
It has more stable structure by widening between the wheels and positioning axis of the rotation under the truck.

Deck & wheel variation
matt plastic / polished wood

Low level spoiler - Knockdown stool

Easy to move
 You can move the stool easily by using this handle

Easy to assemble
It has simple structure;easy to separate