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Low level spoiler
Industrial Design

L O W   L E V E L   S P O I L E R
Cruiser board & Knockdown stool

I remember the shape of car spoiler I saw when I was a child (that car was toyota supra)
The pleasure by looking at the elegant shape of spoiler vividly stuck in my mind
Toyota Supra. 1993
so, I wanted to reinterpret that form into a product.

Low level spoiler - cruiser board

Easy to carry
Spoilers can be used as a knob. If you enjoy riding a skateboard, you'd notice the utility of this handle.

Suspension style truck
It has more stable structure by widening between the wheels and positioning axis of the rotation under the truck.

Deck & wheel variation
matt plastic / polished wood

Low level spoiler - Knockdown stool

Easy to move
 You can move the stool easily by using this handle

Easy to assemble
It has simple structure;easy to separate

-----------------------------Please Read-----------------------------
This is a conceptual project not an actual product. 
Please do not distribute my work without my permission. If you want to distribute my work, ask for my permission.

Recently, some of the designers from the specific country copy and distribute without my permission illegally. 
Before you copy it, please think that you will be accused for illegal piracy. (design patents have been registered)

Low level spoiler