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Dr. Rose Kenny: Eating Around the World
Dr. Rose Kenny loves to travel the world and loves to eat. “I travel the world doing expeditions and to eat. My last venture was after a book I read "Istanbul Eats" she says. Dr. Rose Kenny has dedicated her life to helping others.

Dr. Rose Kenny has been practicing medicine for more than two decades and she is always interested in building her knowledge of innovative medicine. Some of her travels have been work related. In November of 2016, Dr. Rose Kenny traveled to Ghana on a tropical medicine excursion. When Dr. Kenny is not traveling for work or treating her patients, she loves to travel for pleasure.

Dr. Kenny caught the traveling bug early in life. Between 1998 and 1991 she studied neurophysiology at the University of Freiburg in Germany. She was a part of the German Academic Exchange Service. After she completed her medical education, she continued to travel throughout the world. Dr. Kenny loves to stay active and has kayaked in several regions of the world including Alaska, the Amazon Jungle, and Africa. She loves going on adventures and always looks forward to seeing stunning parts of the world.

One of Dr. Kenny’s favorite activities while traveling is eating. While she was in Kenya she tasted zebra, wildebeest, and several other exotic meats. Dr. Rose Kenny explored different spices while she was in Australia’s outback and she has taken culinary classes in Spain, Italy, Sicily, and Greece. Dr. Rose Kenny even learned how to make Weiss Wurst while she was in Germany. Dr. Rose Kenny loves to try food from all over the world.