Bileto – Brand for Public Transportation Platform
Creating Bileto – Brand for Public Transportation Ticket Selling Platform

Role: Design Lead & Co-founder
Responsibilities: Branding, Product Design (UXD, IxD, UID), Visual Design
Year: 2015

- Team of Design Department: Tomáš Báňa & Kristína Šimková
Logotype is based on bold typeface of DIN NEXT font family.
One of dozens leaflets that we produced.
There was also a concept where on the left, next to the white "b", were a square piece with a QR-code that would lead to the website with pre-charged credits for the first ride.
Icons for service and email marketing communication: Change Email Address, Confirmation, Delete Account, Something Broken, Reset Your Password, Tickets.
Small Icon Set (20px) created in collaboration with Kristína Šimková.
Concept and realization of our kiosk on Czechbus Expo 2014.
We created a short explanation video in collaboration with the team of Veronyka Jelinek and 2Fresh.

Veronyka Jelinek, Aisha Madu, Nándor Bera
2Fresh: Martin Pavlica, Míra Podorský, Viktorie Del Maschio, Lukáš Pitter
Bileto: Vladimír Mokrý
And as always. Thanks for watching.