It is an animal which lives in the forest. This character has distinctive features, such as it doesn't have big or round eyes, but the eyes are narrowed like a leaf, the black and white color make it strong. Besides that, it also has a horn, which sems like a pandeer. Sometimes, it is cute and full of peace. In the forest, he is like a human. Normally it was a human but.because of the curse, it changed to be an animal like a horn panda. That is why it is often called as pandeer, as the abbreviation of "panda and deer". however, pandeer has a weapon to attack and fight their enemy. they use their claws and big foot. Therefore, it always becomes a hero or a king in the forest or another habitat because they always protect it from the enemies.
Resin Art Toy 
tall  9" 
2 Articulation Point 
Colour : Black+white
Limited to 30 pieces only.
Produced by MyRoyalEgo Indonesia
Original character & design by Welkid
Us$160 include shipping  to your place.
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Exhibition Toys :
2010 Munny World Festival Indonesia  in Jakarta Indonesia 
 Diskomfest  4 ”Culture Expansion”  in Jogja National Museum (JNM) Yogyakarta Indonesia