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Miss Catrina
MISS CATRINA was created by the Architect/Designer/Visual Artist Stephany Marlene, it is a Mexican brand that was born in the city of Tijuana, B.C. Mexico in the year of 2017 with the purpose of represent one of the most beautiful Mexican celebration the Day of the Death.

"Catrinas for my are like my lucky charm, since I won a Platinum Award with Gemelas en Transicion I was inspired to expand this idea in to a project, with this in mind I also wanted to transmute: how the world sees death."

The skulls most of the time are a synonym of something terrifying or even evil, but for Mexicans this is a natural way of accepting the process of life or even deal with the death by making cartoons of skeletons... Celebrating Day ot the Death is a symbol to respect our love ones by remember them with.
MISS CATRINA manifest a concept that I call -Transition- were it is representing how a Human female body turns in to a skeleton from the button to the top leaving the head exposed to represent the most famous icon of Day of the Death The Catrina.

The main focus is particularly on the details in the chest and in the hands where we can se how the skin is peeling showing the muscles and finally the bones. All the illustrations are the result of a constant work to achieve a visual illusion and mystery. 

The elegance and sensuality are key in this project.
We focus in offering a quality product, full of detail, from the idea to the final result making a great experience that can transport the customer trow our be loved México.​​​​​​​
13 Zodiac Sign Collection
Since I was in high school, I was involved in the monthly horoscope search, it was so exciting to read the monthly pieces of advice and the love compatibility between zodiac signs; at the same time, it was also intriguing on how people can be so alike especially from the same zodiac sign or element... Years after, a friend of mine told me about the Astrology Chart, and since then my passion grow and I began with the search of information of books about Astrology; I learned that you can have ten, eight, nine or even the twelve signs distributed on different areas in your life, every each of them complementing and enriching your personality so you can be unique.

This pseudoscience is even more than just the monthly horoscope in magazines, or the final love compatibility between signs... for me, getting to know your Astrology Chart is an amazing tool so you can be allowed to discover and get to know even more about your strengths and weakness on different areas in life, is a topic so deep that it seems that does not end... 

To conclude, I founded that Astrology is an amazing tool that can be used as a medium to interact in harmony with coworkers, customers, friends, and family, with the purpose to develop empathy and strong relationships.

The 13 Zodiac Sign is a set of watercolors that were made during the year of 2017 each illustration is an inspiration and representation of the most distinguish traits of the Zodiac Signs with the concept of MISS CATRINA is what made them so unique.

To be continue, I will present the products that were on sale during the year of 2017 and 2018

Calendar 2018

Zodiac Sign Postals

Zodiac Sign bookmark

Desktop Mini Calendar 2018

Miss Catrina

Miss Catrina

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