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    Brand identity for the socio-educative association Aseduc, formed by teachers, to help young people with problems and promote a healthy and respe… Read More
    Brand identity for the socio-educative association Aseduc, formed by teachers, to help young people with problems and promote a healthy and respectful living. Read Less
Project: Logotype
Client: Aseduc through Socialdocs
Date: May 2011
00. The Briefing:
Socialdocs is a documentary producer which used to ocasionally order covers or logos for the asociations that they worked with. Aseduc is one of them.
Aseduc is an asociation formed by teachers to help youngsters with addiction problems through prevention, education and assistance, and also by promoting all kinds of sports and social activities.
Note that this is an old work and I was a novel designer by then. I don't have as much documentation as I'd hav liked and haven't made the developement it deserves -there wasn't a budget to support it either-, but still it's a work i like to keep in my portfolio because it makes me think "wih the resources and knowledge I had back then, that day I made a good job".
01. Research and sketching:
I'm not sure about what research I made, but the concept of lending a hand seemed very akin to the project right from the start. After all we're talking about trating people who are have problems openly. 
Originally I thought about making a descending diagonal in order to emulate Galicia's flag (the associations tend to value any allusion to the community, even if it's just to soften the heart of the funcionaries who are going to make the subsidies easier for them)m but the effect that it created was more like pulling down than up, so I finnaly had to invert it.
02. Polishing:
So, well, let's get to work. I took some photos of my hands and started working on it. Originally I thought about using a circular shape, because it usually communicates a senssacion of union and family.
But actually the shapes had a conflict: the round shape distracted from the image of the hands more than emphasyzing it, and after all that compacting wasn't part of the message as much as I had thought. Once seen in the imageI noticed that what I really wanted to capture was the moment in which the hand is lnt and generate the tension of the instant more than making a stamp-like icon. It didn't fit well with the hands either, what I needed was a rectangle to make each hand come from a corner and frame the instant like a still image.
Also, using such a dark blue put too much weight on the background in contrast with the hands, and using only a 
stroke made the image too confusing, especially at small sizes, and didn't let for the shape to contrast with the negative space. I needed a background, but in a lighter color.
This was working a lot better already, but marking the strokes added an aggressive component that was completely unnecessary. The rectangle with the pronounced corners was too clonky too, and the rounded lines were so thick that they took the attention away from the hands, which is where I wanted it. Also, the text was completely apart from the drawing.
As soon as I fit everything inside the same round box, everything made a lot more sense. Also, making the d stick out brought some coherence to the whole. Only a few more details left.
Apart from polishing a little bit more the silouette of the hands, marking the exits and opening up the forearms are details which make the shapes a lot more fluent, and more fluent means less cold and more human, which fits a lot better within the spirit of the association.
At the end of the day, it keeps reminiscent of a Galician flag in negative, and I believe it shows clearly both the objectives and the general spirit of the asociation. It's an image which generates a certain tension, but at the same time it's gentle and relaxed.
In retrospect, I probably should have simplified it more so it works better on small sizes and I would have definitely like to work on its applications but, all in all, it's a job that I keep a good memory of.

Thank you!
I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, my email is ManuelDomGar@Yahoo.es