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Abandoned Robots series is a personal IP I created one year ago, inspired by the science fiction novel, I, robot, written by Isaac Asimov. It's a post-apocalyptic world where lives survivors of robots from the nuclear war. After the war , mankind is almost extinct on the earth , left the robots there without order and rule. Then, what's the meaning for the robots to keep working ? what will they do after being free from the human's rule? I tried to find the answer through the path of creating the world.
I tried to illustrate the concept that there are a group of abandoned robots ,left the city and just stare at the street light. What are they thinking? Do they feel lonely or boring? 
Or,  they feel nothing.
 A robots refuge, which used to be a nuclear power plant by the coast.
Concept for the gate of the border between clear and polluted district.
This is one of the districts in my Abandoned Robots series, where used to be the nuclear waste landfill and now is the slum living some abandoned robots.
It's really interesting to me to come up with the ideal of the world these robots live, through the path of creating the world, I also think deeper and deeper about the questions I asked in the beginning. However, I still haven't find the answer yet, maybe someday, I'll come back and continue the series.