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    Facilitated workshop for high school teacher and students in Helsinki based on Design-Thinking.
 Design to Improve Life Education - Helsinki
 Facilitated workshop for High School Teachers and Students, based on Design Thinking
How to create better school environments in Finland by design? This was the topic both children and teachers from different schools around Finland explored in this human-centered workshop based on design-thinking processes and abilities.

As part of the team of INDEX: Design to Improve Life, we facilitated and planned/structured a process for both teachers and students to work on problem solving skills relying on techniques and processes that designers use in their profession, but put into a High School teaching context.

First came a workshop for Teachers, where they were introduced to design-thinking, "Design to Improve Life" and design processes. Here they were guided by us to create a test program with their own students.
Then came a workshop where students tried out the programs their teachers created, co-facilitated by the INDEX: Education team. Students went through a human-centered design process to come up with concepts that could improve situations in their schools.
Students came up with great ideas on how to improve the school environment, ranging from games, events and spaces for their learning environments.