"No matter what we do, we produce waste. Let us, for example, analyze this big company. What to do with all the waste they produce? We can bury, incinerate or discard it. But on the other hand, all that waste can be also used as precious materials. And this is where we step in. We deal with waste more responsibly and way more creatively! First, we come into the company in order to inspect how much waste company produces. Than, we optimize the production process so that there is as little waste produced as possible."

We had a pleasure to collaborate on a new project with an amazing team based in Slovenia - Smetumet Collective. Stay tuned for more info soon...

GH Team members who worked on this project:

Art Direction / Illustration Manja Lekić
Animation Ilija Zipevski, Branko Bojković
Music Koala Voice, Gramatik

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