Atticus Magazine Brief
An illustration about original thinking for Atticus Magazine 
This year I was selected along with six other graduates from Central Saint Martins, to propose an illustration for Atticus Magazine. The brief was to design an image that would represent both 'original thinking' and 'communication'. I had a number of initial ideas, but eventually went with a visual metaphor that comments on the negative impact of screens on creativity and free-thinking. 

 "Look away from your screens and let your mind soar" - This is the final image presented for Atticus Magazine cover.
 As you can see the people above are from all walks of life, but they are nonetheless glued to their mobile devices. Their facial expressions reveal the simultaneous boredom, anxiety and excitement that people tend to feel when looking at a screen.  The girl in the middle is serene, and allowing her thoughts to flow. The thoughts she is having are flying out of her mind and into the universe. She is an individual, and stands apart from the crowd. She is a creative, and her inspiration comes from within.
These are some initial sketchbook ideas. They both relate to the obstacle that screens, and the internet that they are connected to, can be to creative thinking and output.
To me, birds represent freedom and joy, and that is especially true of the colourful Macaw. The above birds were painted in a quick and loose manner. They represent the spontaneity and vividness of original thinking, and fresh ideas.
This was an alternative final image that i presented. The figures and the birds are a little more loosely drawn and dynamic. 
Atticus Magazine Brief