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    An overly in depth astrological Surreal self portrait. Your Critique is most welcome! My source for the birth chart http://www.astro.com/ Feature… Read More
    An overly in depth astrological Surreal self portrait. Your Critique is most welcome! My source for the birth chart http://www.astro.com/ Featured in Colombian Magazine, FuriaMag http://www.furiamag.com/inspiracion-diaria-240/ Read Less
About the Piece
This is obviously astrological out the wazoo. I thought for a surreal self portrait it would be fun to depict my self in a spacey atmosphere with strange things accruing on me, around me, and in me.

When one looks up their astrology chart, you type in date of birth, location, and time for complete accuracy. From there it will show all your planets houses and signs in which they reside.
I, like any person would say, am a Capricorn, my birthday is in the beginning of January, the placement for the sun during that time of the month and year. The other planets however, play just as a big and important role, which many seem to neglect or not know about. As you all may know the planets revolve at different spreeds and are in different places. Which is why they are just as important as they and other elements are in other placements. (In question of the no movement of the sun, or others, and the movment of the signs, here is a image to help one visualize the idea. http://www.eearthk.com/website/images/stars/S10.jpg)

So, For example: my Sun is in Capricorn as stated before, my moon is in Sagittarius, along with my mercury Venus, & Mars, my Jupiter is in Virgo and so on down the line with specific degrees and house placements. However my ascendant is in Arise, a dominating feature that in layman's terms filters all those signs- planets etc. energy through my ascendant. Creating a mostly firey character and earthy in my case; being that Aires and Sagittarius have are elements  of fire and capricorn is earthy. (Also, your sun is your ego, your outself in how you are and would like to be perecived, so the earthy quality though small in comparison to the fire, I thought would be important to depict- because it is part of my ego).
How this is all is shown in my piece, to start by the red hair, the fiery cracks on the body and ram horns. The Capricorn earthy part, the secondary aspect, shown with the green leafy vines that are on the goat horns (, also may I add they are specifically German goat horns as a large part of my genetics).

Extra astrological additive, the constellations on the left are Capricious and Sagittarius, the one on the right was meant to be a form of a more compositional additive, but also reminiscent of the constellation Draco.

My expression is to be contemplative, in it’s on world apart form the body; and from the dominating feature of my self Sagittarius, known also as the philosopher I wanted to sneak in the aspect of the "Thinker" in this manner.

The instrument by the hand is an Astrolabe, an ancient tool used by: sailors, architects, mathematicians, astronomers, and scientists alike. The lack of interaction with the eyes to it, gives this idea that it is almost like an appendage either moving towards or away, but always there living and moving.

I must add, there is so much more convoluted information about chart reading, and it is a difficult talent to master. There are other matters in the chart, regarding ascendant, chart ruler, degrees and houses in relation to the planets and signs to dictate so much. For the sake of not making this any longer, if you are interested for more details. Feel free to message me. I am no master by far, but I love to learn about it and share what I know thus far.
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