This project was developed thinking about the difficulties when speaking in foreign languages. Depicting funny characters in possible situations, both movies represent individuals in urgent need for studying other languages.

Along with the advertising agency Competence, we worked on the character design, look development, animation and direction of the movies.

We hope you enjoy our


Creative Director: Marcelo Pires
Art Direction: Eduardo Dewes and Roberto Reckziegel Lopes
Scripts: Cristiano Werkahauser and Eduardo Harthmann
Rtvc: Andres Souza Araujo


Direction: Gabriel Vedana and Felipe Galvão
Project Manager: Ricardo Andreis and Gabriel Vedana
Animation Director: Bruno Monteiro
Animation: Mallo Ryker, Diego de Paulo, Lucas Meriguetti, Hannry Pschera, Francisco Catão, Jorge Zagatto and Igor Copelli.
Concept: Ricardo Andreis
Animatic: Ricardo Andreis
Modelling: Lucas Falcão, Maurício Machado e Gilberto Ribeiro
Letterings: Guasca
Animation Letterings: Pedro Treiguer
Rigger: Danilo Pinheiro and Glauber Belo
Prints: Ricardo Andreis, Giovana Novello e Pedro Placido
Layout: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Look/Dev: Roumen Filipov, Gabriel Vedana, Felipe Galvão
Post Production: Gabriel Vedana and Felipe Galvão
Render Setup: Giovana Novello
Ad Agency: Competence
Audio Production: Radioativa