Bileto – UX&UI for Public Transportation Platform
Creating Bileto – UX&UI for Public Transportation Ticket Selling Platform

Role: Design Lead & Co-founder
Responsibilities: Branding, Product Design (UXD, IxD, UID), Visual Design
Year: 2015

- Team of Design Department: Tomáš Báňa & Kristína Šimková

Default version of the Search page (Homepage) with customized background photo.
Bileto is cloud-based tool for selling tickets, managing operations and sharing key information easily. 

For two years I worked at Bileto as a Design Lead, my responsibilities were broad: from creating and keeping visual part of the brand consistent, designing all kind of prints and brochures, drawing hundreds of icons, UX research, guerrilla testing in trains and platforms, interviewing customers and operators, sketching user flow and administration, designing unified UI on different platforms, to creating a pattern library keeping the code for developers.

Below is an example of my work, the last version of the B2C platform that I worked on.
To design an online application where customers could compare prices and features of train and bus carriers and easily buy their tickets.
Previous design I did for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile platforms. Based on the platform design guidelines of 2014.
Sketches & Wireframes Examples
Researches showed that most of the searches were made for the first three days. Scrolling still takes the user further. The minimal price for each day is also visible.
From–To input modal window suggests correct station and contains history/favourite searches.
Seat Map
Because there are so many combinations of vehicles, wagons and cars, we created a unified system for seat maps. Instead of bitmaps or static plans, each object has a position on the grid so we could build any imaginable train plan. In theory, we could have drawn even theatres and concert halls.
Tickets in the Cart are displayed as cards. Small amount of skeuomorphism was useful in this case.
Bileto was and still is a challenging project. During our iteration process and several versions of a B2C platform we learned a lot. Also, B2C buying platform was just a tip of an iceberg as we also had to develop an administration for carrier operators or an app for vehicle drivers and stewards.
And as always. Thanks for watching.
Bileto – UX&UI for Public Transportation Platform

Bileto – UX&UI for Public Transportation Platform



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