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After returning from NY to Europe, leaving our new built life and all good friends behind and on top  the death of my mom, I worked for 1/2 a year on several dance studies. Expressing issues in my mind and soul. Three super talented dancers from NDT joined in and improvised on music I selected and themes I wrote  pieces about.
I  'choreographed'  these small bits of dance into an image in time ( to up to 12 seconds)- in each meeting a different set up and try out. After working so often with top athletes I changed my perspective from end result ( picture driven)  towards experiencing process; with  no need for an end result. That these pictures came out that well i just because of the joy shared and the absolute concentration on both ends. Big Thanks to - Lydia Bustinduy, Jorge Nozal and Bastien Zorzetto  from NDT1 for  the deeply moving dances and sorry about the blisters from the hard studio floor. Now I know about the hardship of being one of these masters and I deeply respect the super hard working and suffering that dance sometimes can be too.