Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes
Initial Teaser Ad
Black and white comp and color final (Nov. 2011).  This was also later used for part of the LEGO kiosk E3 2012.

Key Art Concepts

Over 45 different compositions were created.  The direction chosen was Batman in the foreground and comic book panels of other heroes/villains in an action scene behind him.  Various versions of that concept were created for approval.  In the final color, a decision was made not to have Riddler coming out of the manhole.  I actually like the idea of Wonder Woman pulling on Harley Quinn pigtails from the comps but that never made it in. 

Print AD

Lego Batman Arkham City Parody Campaign
The idea here is to take 9 Lego DC Super Heroes characters, pose and match the original existing art from Batman Arkham City.   The first image is the key art asset provided by WB for me to work from.   I rebuild the wall and gargoyles before placing Lego Batman on it in the second image.  The background appeared to be in-game capture, but Wayne tower need to be updated to match the in-game Lego version.  In the final image there were more edit to the middle ground buildings, from taking out the build board replacing it with windows and removing radio tower logo from water tower.   And the obvious change was the Lego version of the gargoyle:(  And yes, I reused the gargoyle asset for the print ad above.

 Standalone Character Renderings
Lego Batman Xtra...
Lego Batman The Movie