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    Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County provides a continuous source for luminosity, atmosphere, and beautiful rural scenes.
Streaming sunlight along Cherry Creek.
Lingering fog and AM sun.
Summer grasses glowing along Cherry Creek.
Abandoned house near Bumble Bee Road.
Low lying fog in hayfield.
AM sun cutting through fog.
"Drawing water" over a freshly cut hayfield.
A duck takes flight on a foggy AM.
Classic crop rotation...
Hay bails ready for storage.
Early Spring crop rotation.
A very steep hill to climb.
New barn under construction- near Friendsville, MD.
Mature wheat field with red gate.
Historic building in late afternoon sun.
Lilly pads and reflected moon- Cherry Creek near Mosser Road..
Cutting hay near Mosser Road.
Sunflower field near Garrett College- McHenry, MD.
Never quite reached totality during the solar eclipse.
Sunrise at the Creamery tables before the crowds arrive.
Storm clouds moving into Garrett County.
The onset of rain just before sunset.
After sunset looking Northwest towards Friendsville, MD.
New fence along Turkey Neck Road- Southern Garrett County.
iPhone Photo: Setting sun showing a sliver of light between mountains- just off Turkey Neck Road.
Early AM sun coming up over a Northern Garrett County farm scape- Winter is approaching.
Clear moon-lit night looking North towards the Rt. 219 Bridge- evidence of the Milkyway is starting to show through.