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Light House and the Light Keeper's home on Cape Cod, MA.  This one is in the Cape Cod National Sea Shore.
The front portico of The Peachtree Road United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia with Corinthian columns
A picture of a sunset at PRUMC in early September over the Calumbarium courtyard.
This is my church on the backside of PRUMC in the Columbarium.  This is a place where one can inter the ashes of a family member instead of a burial plot.  This photograph is an example of chiaroscuro, dramatic light in between the two buildings.
A bougainvillea vine on a rock wall in Sarasota, Florida near Ca' d'Zan home of John and Mabel Ringling
Two Canada geese fighting with each other in Murphey Candler Lake in Brookhaven, Georgia
An early spring afternoon picture of three Bradford pear  trees in a neighbor's yard in Brookhaven, Georgia
This is an Eastern King Snake waiting for me to leave the garage open for it to go in and hide.  A non-poisonous snake good for killing rats and mice
Brookhaven First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  This image is a Photoshop photograph with poster edges as the effect
A Great Blue Herron in Murphey Candler Park Lake searching for the next fish to catch
A white goose and two Canada geese and goslings on the bank of Murphey Candler Lake in Brookhaven, Georgia
This is Gator's Souvenir Shop in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Sadly, Hurricane Katrina washed this building out into the Gulf of Mexico
A Dale Chihuly glass sphere in the pond at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Dale Chihuly glass at The Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, Georgia Christmas 2004.  These look like Hershey's Kisses
This is a window and shutters in The First Baptist Church of Charleston, South Carolina.
The stained glass windows in Covenant Presbyterian Church in Marietta, Georgia
The Vanderbilt home in Newport, Rhode Island, The Breakers. The loggia offers a view of the Rhode Island Sound (Atlantic Ocean).
This is the rear piazza of the Vanderbilt home named "The Breakers" in Newport, Rhode Island
A display of lights my neighbor had put out on his Dogwood tree in Brookhaven, Georgia
Some funky Christmas lights my camera captured in almost no light on an evening in December
A photograph I took on a rainy day in the winter and it reminded me of the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson's photography
The new bridge in Murphey Candler Park - Brookhaven, Georgia
The walkway of the new bridge in Murphey Candler Park, Brookhaven / Atlanta, Georgia
Two white ducks I photographed on Murphey Candler Lake.  The male is to the left and the female is on the right.  They were looking for me to throw them some bread crumbs.
This is a water lily in full bloom floating on a pond in Lithonia, Georgia
The Basilica of The Sacred Heart of Jesus in Atlanta, Georgia
This is the Georgia Pacific Building in Atlanta, Georgia in the same location of The Loew's Theater that premiered "Gone With the Wind" in 1939.
Two of three House Wren chicks in the nest that was in this birdhouse over my car
This is the parent of the 3 chicks in the bird house offering a cricket to the baby birds.
This is the water fountain at the back of 191 Peachtree Tower on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia and it was
taken out sometime after I left employment there in 1992.

Hyannis Port / Cape Cod/ MA - a Victorian lighthouse resembling structure overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
Portfolio Images

Portfolio Images

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