Winter Cycling Federation
season 2018 - Moscow
a global logo design contest

honorary reference - more than 500 participations from more than 40 countries.
The wheels of an urban bike in combination with “the monument to the Conquerors of Space”, a famous monument of the capital, form the inspiration for the corporate identity of the Winter Cycling Congress, which will take place in Moscow on February 8-10, 2018.
The large horizontal base of the logo indicates the stability and certainty that the rider feels, while the uphill curve suggests the hopefulness with which I face the effort of the congress to raise awareness and motivate people to cycle in winter time conditions.
These feelings have led me to bring parts of “the monument to the Conquerors of Space” together with the wheels of an urban bike and to have this minimalist effect; a refined design of a bicycle with a touch of Russia!
The font I used consists of many angles, and being an artist who creates by implementing the inspiration that comes from visual stimuli as a tool, I thought this would illustrate the optical majesty that characterizes Russian writing.
Winter is attributed in a discreet way; a flake divided into two equal pieces accompanies the word Moscow embracing it harmoniously.
The frozen capital has just met its bicycle.