American Apparel Sustainable Shoe packaging
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    work from Academy of Art University Packaging design 2 2011 Fall
Project Title: American Apparel Sustainable Shoe packaging
Class: Packaging Design 2
Year: 2011 Fall
Brand: American Apparel
Instructor: Paul Kagiwada
Student Name: Jiajie Wang

The mission of this project is to create a sustainable line for a shoe packaging under a specific fashion brand of our choice. In order to reflect the concept of “being green”, all the materials used for this project must be environmental friendly

The deliverables are four items which include a shoe packaging itself, an invitation letter, a gift card, and a DVD or a flash drive. For the love of simplicity and being chic, I picked American Apparel as my brand.

“Vertically Integrated Manufacturing” is one of American Apparel’s business model. I visually translated it into the design which is integrating shoes with the natural beauty exists on every woman—legs. By doing so, it adds uniqueness to the image on packaging, in addition to the imagery, a tube structure is introduced instead of a traditional shoe box which not only symbolizes the beauty of legs but also make the packaging stands out.

The material used for the tube is made of recyclable cardboard, as well as for the inner cardboard piece. Letter is directly printed on the inner cardboard instead of printing on a sheet of paper in order to eliminate wastes.

Special Thanks to Dara for being an amazing model.