Kik happens to be a popular smartphone application mainly intended for instant messaging. Just like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, Kik can be used to send messages to both individual buddies and also groups of friends. Kik, in contrast to WhatsApp, creates your account by using your phone number and also helps to establish links with your contacts. The users of the software can easily create a free account by email and password. It is also possible to connect with one another simply by scanning a Kik code, searching for usernames of the users or making use of their phone contacts for which you must supply their phone number. TheKik messenger also enables you to send as well as receive limitless messages to any individual having a Kik account.
Why Should You Use Kik?
The app is immensely popular amongst lots of teens mainly for the intuitive app interface which makes chatting extremely simple just like sending a text message. At present the app is used by many individuals as a substitute for public chatting or email on some other social media platform. We often use it as an alternative for the regular SMS text messaging with the intention of avoiding costly data charges apart from exceeding text limits. Kik has got its own drawback - it is always compulsory to connect to WiFi or utilize your data plan; however, Kik is undoubtedly a fantastic alternative for mobile gadget users who usually prefer to text. Apart from texting, it enables the users to do something more like allowing them to send messages to their Kik friends with virtually anything including photos, videos, GIFs, not to mention emoticons.

Features of Kik
Apart from working with user profiles as well as usernames to chat with buddies, Kik is mainly intended to imitate the functionality and appearance of SMS text messaging on a smartphone. Below we are mentioning some essential features which you can expect from this hugely popular messenger service.

1. Live typing
It is possible to observe your chatting partner typing a message live, which will enable you to comprehend that you will be receiving a message very soon. Furthermore, you will also understand whether the recipient has read the message sent by you although they might not have started typing yet.

2. Notifications
Similar to regular text messaging you are going to be notified when your messages are sent and delivered. The notification sounds can also be customized and you can opt for receiving them immediately once a message is sent to you by a new friend.

3. Invite friends
Kik can also help you send out invites to individuals you are familiar with using email, SMS text, or simply by means of social networks.

4. Kik code scanning
A code can be used by every single user which they can access from their settings which is the gear icon located on the chats tab’s upper left corner. In case you would like to include a user from their Kik code, simply hit the search icon, and then hit "Find People," followed by tapping "Scan a Kik Code." Kik must be given permission by you to access your camera prior to scanning the Kik code of another user so as to add them.

5. Sending multimedia messages
Kik does not restrict you from sending just text messages; it is also feasible to send photos, videos, GIFs, emoticons, sketches, and so forth!

6. Video chat
Kik has introduced an innovative feature at present which happens to be enjoying a real-time video chat, just like Skype, FaceTime, and other similar applications.

7. Integration of Profile
It is possible to have your own username as well as account, which can be personified using the contact information as well as a profile picture.

8. Chat lists
Kik, as opposed to any other SMS text platform, allows you to list every single chat you have with individuals whom you will find using the innovative usernames finder for Kik. You can commence chatting with them by simply clicking to pull up any chat of your choice.

9. Customization of Chat
It is a fact that Kik is almost like Apple's iMessage application when it comes to the appearance. It is likewise possible to select any color for the chat bubble.

10. Group chats
Your own individual group chats can be started simply by hitting the search icon and then tapping "Start a Group" followed by adding users to your group. And if you have a lack of contacts – you can always use special websites designed to find new kik friends & usernames like – There you’ll be able not only to browse among lots of other names but submit yours as well.

11. Privacy
It is also possible to decide whether or not to use Kik for accessing your address book in order to match with your contacts. Users can also be blocked on Kik so that they are not able to contact you.