My client Gus approached me with a fun, educational board game concept he had been testing out with his kids: collect enough pieces of pie to make a whole pie, and don't let the robber steal from you! To help present his game concept to potential investors, Gus requested a few finished character and icon designs.

1. Design a kid-friendly board game character stealing a piece of pie. He must have three strands of hair, robber attire, and delicious-looking pie.
2. Design a sweet Grandma character- maybe tossing a pie like a football.
3. Interpret the robber into an icon that fits on a multi-faceted die for the board game.

ROBBER Sketches & Color Studies
Line drawing & flat color
icon art
Grandma sketch & line drawing
Final character art
Concepts & preliminary art © 2014 Marissa H Schmidt
Final art is property of K. Gustafson.