Mark Ronson Augmented Reality Poster 
for Adobe MAX 2017

Poster designed for the Mark Ronson performance at this years Adobe MAX conference party - the MAX Bash. He was also one of the Keynote speakers so it was great to get chance to create the poster for his performance. Decided to play with augmented reality on this year's posters, and collaborated with fellow designer Lidia Lukianova to create animations that appear when you view the poster through the mobile app Aurasma. Was amazing to see it come together and the poster was beautifully printed by Mama's Sauce. 

The illustration itself was created with Adobe Illustrator. See the video of the final animation at the bottom, along with a quick demo of how it worked.
Close-up of the awesome metallic gold ink that was used. 
Posters were displayed at the Adobe MAX conference.
I went through a lot of color exploration because of knowing I would need it in the animations. Ended up getting a vote from fellow designers on the final. 
Full video of the animation.
Video of experience within the Aurasma app.