​​​​​​​As part of a contest (battleofconcepts).

Goal: Come up with a solution to (also) let people with small houses enjoy having plants in their living space without getting in the way.

I came up with this lamp / vase. As of the beginning I was looking for ways to combine a vase with another piece of furniture. I have chosen a lamp because firstly, everyone needs them in their living room and second, it can take on any kind of shape. 
In this example I combined a cylindrical lamp with a cylindrical vase shape, but the principle of combining these pieces of furniture could be applied to any kind of lamp, be it a pendant lamp, standing lamp, etc

By choosing the material wisely the vase becomes a non-disturbing piece of furniture even when not occupied by a plant.

The next step is to get rid of the power cord entirely by using energy generated from the water in the vase and the plant. More information from this new technology can be found on the following website: