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How I speak is not what I write

In this day in age the idea ofwriting is greatly misunderstood. This term is unsatisfactory or incomplete indescribing its influence on human life. I have challenged this misconception ofwhat this discipline is by drawing Inspiration from a literary movement calledthe “Beat Generation” of the late 1950’s, which boasted a whole array ofwriters such as Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William S Burroughs and the smallarmy of other names.

To capture the candidness of mespeaking to my friends, I first went out and started conversations. There wererandom but what was interesting of all is how I was able to sustain the inanesubject matters, even to some degree my friends were also latching onto thecrassness of our conversations.

Secondly to answer to the writing Ijotted down the casual words that I had discovered that I use a lot whenspeaking. I had to keep reminding myself not to sound smart in my writing byalways stay true to the facts of my haphazard conversations.

Lastly I had to find a means to documentthese events, the writing and the context of which they had happened in. Thiswas purely to understand this experiment to both myself as a writer, and to mymuse or audience to plugin and immediately respond in unique way.