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MaiChai branding (London, UK)

MaiChai London
Brand that was born from London’s legacy of tea

This project started as everything exciting - out of nowhere - client contacted us through the email, wondering if we would like to start a new project for London's tea house. 
That was our team's dream for a long time.

Project by Sergio Laskin Branding studio
Design: Sergio Laskin
Web Design: Vadim Pavlovich
Photography & Videography: Sergio Laskin

1. Logo design
Airplane creativity

The most essential and charming stage of work - creating first sketches for the logo. As you see, we had the winner right away, just had to modify it a bit.

2. Branding
Dream come true

What can we say - we have great client - they loved one of the logo's direction right away and we started to explore. We really wanted it to be classy and playful at the same time, so we decided to pick different colors and use them as main branding colors through all the communication channels.

Here you can see some of the branding elements

3. Media content
Beloved corporate travels

We love when clients trust us not only with digital content, but also hire us to finish the job and come to their country to see and show the brand the way we do. MaiChai wasn't the exclusion. Please take a look at some of some shots that illustrate MaiChai's daily routine and life.

4. Chai Lattes
Great, great, great

We might sound silly, but we've never tasted tea lattes, that's why we want this to be the separate presentation. And we promise they taste as good as they look!

5. Social campaign
Out of comfort zone

We'd say our idea was waaaaay out of any comfort zone - to ask total strangers on London's streets to hold the cup while taking photos of them. But... the craziest ideas usually work! Thank you all  freaky and elegant strangers for your help! You really helped us to breath life in these cups and make it as a statement!

6. Tea degustation

During menu creation, we went through massive tea degustation 
where we picked the most amazing tea blends

Thank you for your attention and i see every follow and appreciation! 
Thank you!

A little bit of me behind the process

MaiChai branding (London, UK)
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Multiple Owners
Sergio Laskin

MaiChai branding (London, UK)

Branding and photography for London's tea house MaiChai