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When worlds collide - Direction & Art Direction

Approached by Michele Salati I was commissioned to create a short branding video for the online promotion of the Zurich University of the Arts, which offers courses in Art, Design, Film, Music, Dance and Theatre.

The initial idea Michele had in mind was entitled 'When worlds collide'. He wanted to express this idea through a series of scenes where different artistic disciplines would interact to create something bigger, different or surprising. I was in charge of proposing and shooting this different scenes that ended up being a melange of plastic arts and weird science experiments.

See the final video here:
Some making of photos, initial sketching and storyboarding below:


Direction & Art Direction:
Ferran Capo

Set Art Direction:
Glendis Lopez

Direction of Photography:
Pol Subirà
Michell Rivas

Jade De Robles

Sound Design:
David Miret

Lita Bosch

Edit and Post:
Ferran Capo

Production / Art Assistant:
Lorena Angenault

Shot at:
Cobalt Blau Studio

Voice Recorded at:
Estudis Sol de Sants

Thanks to:
Adam Grunfeld, CANADA and Malditos Produce.

Creative Director:
Michele Salati

Simone Nobili

Zurich University of the Arts // http://www.zhdk.ch

When worlds collide - Direction & Art Direction


When worlds collide - Direction & Art Direction