Thisrange of packaging was designed for take away sushi. Sushi (meaning ) isoriginally a Japanese food, and is usually associated with anything oriental –although the sushi we see in popular restaurants today has been largelyAmericanized (California Rolls). Sushi as a food shows the ethics of a country– it is convenient, clean, compact, bite size and a bit modernist in itsdesign. Everything is rolled and cut to be eaten in a single bite. When you getserved Sushi you are presented with clean white or black plates, an empty bowlin which you put soya sauce (which the sushi is dipped in), diced ginger and asmall serving of wasabi (a very strong green paste similar to hot mustard).

Standardmeal sized polystyrene containers are commonly used for take away sushi. Theproblem with the polystyrene container is that the wasabi shifts and rollsaround – mixing with the sushi. Small sachets of Soya sauce is supplied in the place of the bowl and soya sauce bottle found in restaurants. This was my solution. 
Logo development: Thelogo was designed around the oriental Yin Yang symbol. Two fish were incorporated andmade to form the symbol – a fairly simple way to represent Sushi. This is the logo in its infancy: not resolved but getting there.   
Logo development: slowly looking better with thicker strokes and happier fish for a more lighthearted feel. 

Logo development: playing around with typography. 

The finalized logo: manga inspired eyes make the Yin Yang symbol less obvious. Background changed to black. Typography added which works as a standalone logotype. 
Back and front of letterheads and business cards. 
Sushiis a simple food, structured and neat. The biggest headache was to design the container. To eat sushi out ofthe box using chopsticks the edges need to be tapered –and a tapered box iseasy to design until you need it to fold flat completely. After much headache andfailed mockups these boxes fold flat. This is a two piece design where thesushi slides out by pulling on a pull tab. I used a modular design where a“tray” can quickly be added to accommodate the wasabi, ginger and soya sauce – ina tub held in place by being placed in a circular hole in the tray. The bigspace is for the sushi and the small space is for ginger and wasabi. This needsto be coated so that the sushi does not stick to the paper, along with theinside of the box. The soya container (roughly on a third) features a largeversion of the logo with the brand name underneath – impressive and in yourface when opening the box. This box comes in a full and half size – full sizeholds 8 to 12 pieces of sushi while the smaller is designed for less oralternatively purely for (extra) wasabi ginger and soya. The half size can bestacked two next to each other on top of a full size container – ensuring thatthe boxes stay upright in the bag.
Top of box, print ready.

Inside tray, flat. 
Bottom of box.