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Piron Free Font

Almost an year after the release of Piron (one of our best known typefaces) we've made the decision to get back to it and redesign it. So here it comes Piron v.2 although it's still far from perfect it is at least much better than its predecessor.

The changes which we made are numerous - the basic letterforms, the spacing and kerning and so on and on. 

We've decided to go to a more "classical" design of the letterforms for which purpose we looked a lot at classic slab serif typefaces.

With 1 and 2 are marked respectively Piron v.1 and Piron v.2
Together with the overall improvement of the letter forms, the letter widths were improved too. 
The character set was increased from 176 characters of Piron v.1 to the 283 characters of Piron v.2. 
The ascenders were made higher and the descenders shortened which lead to a much better text color. The letter spacing and kerning were significantly improved.
Now, instead of the oblique version of piron, we've included a stencil free version which because of it's better hinting is great substitute for smaller sizes. The "stencil" version comes with improved hinting too.
Download Piron Free Font v.2 from here.

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Piron Free Font

Piron Free Font

Highly legible typeface very well suited for any display and text use - web, print especially for magazines, brochures, logos, posters, flyers an Read More


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