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    A Public Service Announcement campaign to try help curb the perceptions of unnecessary owl killings.
Create a Public Service Announcement to try save barnyard owls in the urban territories of Alexandra, Vosloorus and Katlehong townships in South Africa.
Tactically target people to stop killing owls by using a fictional sangoma to "scare" them to change their behaviour.

Key observation

Local people are killing owls relentlessly, because they fear the supernatural superstitions attached to them.

Owls are in urban environments because of the growing pest (rat) problem in our communities.

For the owls it’s out of they natural way that they find themselves breeding in urban areas, purely because of the growing number of prey (rodents).

Communication Objective

Make the superstition come to life, using the Sangoma reacting toward the public’s actions of killing the owl and warning them that if they continue he/she will summon all his resources in the arsenal of powers to correct this problem. The style is in the format of most Sangoma flyers and posters, and therefore the actual company’s logo does not appear anywhere. It is a campaign aimed at results, rather than recognition of an organisation.

Promise or Big Idea

A Sangoma (Dr Siza Skhova) is in a crisis all over the townships, people are relentlessly killing his business by slaying his owls. Initially his sole intent is to bewitch those responsible for the killings. Secondly as a spin-off he is now offering a rat repellent to ease the reason why people would encounter his owls in and around their homes. And Lastly he offers to remove the curse that he has initiated but asks residents to trade natural water that he suggests that they can find all over the country.

Research has shown that mint oil can be used to keep rodents out of their homes, in turn keeping owls away from their homes because by not attracting them to their homes.

Phase One:
Launch and create awareness handing these pamphlets out at traffic lights and train stations. Plus put up  posters in and around the city's walls, bridges, robots and bins.

Phase Two:
Offer a solution in the form of a naturally created anti-rat spray. Formulated by pure mint oil and packaged in a simple hand-spray container.