Who will own Space? Przemiany Festival'17 identity
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    Promotional spot and graphic design of Przemiany Festival 2017

Who will own Space?

This year’s edition of Przemiany Festival was entitled: “Who will own the Space?” and dealt with the matter of space exploration. New economic models and technologies force lay the grounds for new possibilities, like extracting raw materials on asteroids or the settlement of Mars. The question of ownership in space and rights governing it is a natural consequence of cosmic conquest. Thus the copyright symbol became an inspiration for the key visual of the event.
The project included: promotional spot concept, design, soundtrack, and production.

Graphic design of Festival (programme, catalog, series of posters); graphic design for social media and website.

Art director: Emilka Bojańczyk / Podpunkt
Creative and design team: Wojtek Waydel, Emilka Bojańczyk, Michał Drabik / Podpunkt
Music: Marcin „Kwazar” Cisło / Gagarin Studio for Podpunkt
Client: Copernicus Science Centre (Warsaw)
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