Reasons Link Building Campaigns to Lose Functionality
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Reasons for the Link Building Campaigns to Lose Functionality
People usually pay a lot of attention to the broken links and they do everything to avoid them. They definitely need to so it. But still, many people wonder about lost functionality of the link building campaigns.

Well, it’s good that you ensure about not leaving any broken link on the pages of your website, but it’s not the broken links only that have to be focused. There are many factors which make the links unable to provide any authority to the pages.

Some of the scenarios are worth mentioning here in this article.
Older and un-crawled pages

Older pages are good, in fact great, as long as they remain in the focus of search engines. But if you are focusing on linking to the pages which would go out of the search engine’s radar, you are probably not going to get any benefit from such links. Google has become smart enough to rank the pages which get updated with valuable information. So, if you are linking to such pages, you will also get ranking advantage.

With that said, you should do the link building by including fresh and high quality  links in your link building campaign.
Authority of targeted page

Authority of the page you target is another major factor to be taken into consideration. In fact, you can get a ranking boost and authority advantage if you target the page with higher authority. There are certain factors which define the page authority such as trust flow, citation flow and URL rating.

Still there are different criteria for different websites. And, Google understands these criteria well. Furthermore, metrics keep changing over the time. But there are some permanent requirements which never change. And those requirements are pretty much related to the quality.
Relevance between sites’ content and link

Another factor is the relevance. You may be linking to the high quality website but if that website is not relevant to the content of your website, you are not going to get your website get the advantage which is associated with link building.

Now, this usually happens when you link to an off-topic blog which may be related to the content of your website, and the remaining content of that website doesn’t have anything to do with the type of website you own. This linking practice may give you some short-term benefits but you will not get any long lasting advantage.
The quality of your content

You may be linking to high quality website which may be relevant to the category of your website. But if your content is not enough to provide sufficient value, you may not be able to get major ranking boost. Your content needs to provide a specific value in order to earn a link.