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    Striving to reignite the passion for nature, with a series of photographs displaying intricate details from a tropical rainforest.
Grow in Green
Audio Visual Installation | Colomboscope 2017

Strive to reignite the passion for nature, with a series of photographs displaying intricate details from
a tropical rainforest, bound together with an audio experience that will seek to plant a seed: thus awakening
the dormant genuine admiration of beauty, care and adoration for all that grows with green.

This series of images were taken during a month long stay in the heart of the Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve,
one of the most densely spread tropical rainforests of the lower wetlands of Sri Lanka

A responsible, genuinely caring society will always depend on each person that lives within it.
The fact is, that the qualities that an individual will portray are the qualities that will radiate from the collective.
To have individuals that cultures a quality of diligence, care and sensitivity to feel the beauty in nature,
is to have a society not only survives but thrives on planet earth.