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    Pecha Kucha Luis Pinto Presentation, 2012.
Pecha Kucha Guatemala 2012 /
Luis Pinto Presentation 

On October 25th I was invited to present my work in an event called PechaKucha Night Guatemala 2012. Here are some of my pieces I chose for my presentation.

PechaKucha Night started as a simple idea for a one-off event, devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture as the first event held at their creative kitchen SuperDeluxe in Tokyo, in February 2003. Since then it has grown into an international movement.

There was no business plan, no notion that the format would be so successful, so global. PechaKucha ran in Tokyo monthly for three years in SuperDeluxe before people started asking if they could run it in their own cities after visiting the event in Tokyo. No city had been asked to run a PechaKucha Night -- cities always asked Astrid and Mark. A simple application process was devised with each city being granted handshake agreements to run PechaKucha Night, mainly to stop people from stepping on one another's toes in cities around the world.

(Information taken from PechaKucha.org)

Carpe Diem to you
Pictures taken from PechaKucha Guatemala 2012. 
Black Mask
Red Mask
Pink Mask
Turquoise Mask
Photographs are part of the Pecha Kucha Night Guatemala Vol.02. Special thanks to the speakers & the production team.