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Jack – Brand for Personalised Gifts Selling Platform

Creating Jack – Brand for Personalised Gifts Selling Platform

Role: Design Lead & Co-founder
Responsibilities: Branding, Product Design (UXD, IxD, UID), Visual Design
Year: 2015–2017

- Team of Jack for the awesome one and a half year
First sketches
From start we were not sure how recognisable our brand needed to be. The first version of Jack was built on the premise that the main brand will be in the background and will work as a partner for B2B brands. That did not discourage me from designing something new and fresh, though.
Crown version
We wanted a crown to present Jack as a prince, but we have soon realized that there is a local brand that sells T-shirts and has a crown and a T-shirt in their logo, too! So, we came late, scrapped the idea and went back to the drawing board.
Final version
Final version presents Jack as a knight. Primary color is brown. Yes, nobody uses this hue*, the but because we wanted our colorful products shine, this dampened color has accomplished its purpose.

Pantone 872 C (metalic gold for packaging)
Pantone 147 C
CMYK: 41, 41, 67, 28
RGB: 134, 117, 79, HEX #86754F

Responsible version
For mobile we created a smaller version with the same 2px pixel-perfect grid.
Thermal transfer printing & Custom Packaging
We also created a design for thermal transfer printing and a custom packaging. The inner transparent package works as a gift package, the outer package with different variations of knights and the gold spot color printing increases value of the brand.
And as always. Thanks for watching.
Jack – Brand for Personalised Gifts Selling Platform

Jack – Brand for Personalised Gifts Selling Platform