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    Custom website for Susan Cartmell, author of Uncommon Preaching
The Uncommon Preacher, aka Susan Cartmell

Date: Spring 2016

Susan Cartmell is a pastor with 30+ years of experience and the author of Uncommon Preaching. The book centers on an approach to preaching that is relatively new to mainline congregations: namely, using a "topical" or "thematic" approach to sermon planning and writing rather than following prescribed texts (i.e., the lectionary). Her approach is based on the success of many major evangelical preachers (both more conservative and more progressive) and has garnered a fair amount of support and interest from mainline pastors looking for ways to revitalize their church's worship and preaching.

After writing the book, Susan began to teach workshops, offer coaching, and organize support groups for other pastors interested in learning and trying her methodology. She also began writing a regular newsletter for those looking to stay in the loop about her activities and seeking inspiration for their preaching.

All of this activity needed a home base, and that's where we came in. We worked with Susan to build a website that would introduce her to the world, tell visitors about her book (and where to buy it), highlight her upcoming workshops and speaking events, and allow visitors to connect with her by subscribing to her mailing list or joining a support group.

Our color scheme for this project was inspired by the cover of Susan's book, especially the blue primary background and the brown stipe. We also worked to pick up tints in the stained glass image that dominates the above-the-fold portion of the design and used gradients to create a sensation of gleaming light. The typography was largely based on the typography of the book cover, seeking brand consistency across Susan's various projects.