Link Infographics
I was commissioned by designer Filipe Preto to illustrate four business areas from a portuguese IT company - LINK. It, to be integrated in a publication.
it was important to keep development time short, subject to several reviews, that was decisive to choose a lot of royalty free ilustrations combined with original ones. The most important goal to achieve was the overall visual concept and how it communicate the business specifications.

SmartCITIES - Urban mobility is a factor of social development when it facilitates the access to economic activities in large cities.

Internet of Things - Distribution, Transportation, Logistic, Reverse Logistics and Field Service are areas where the relationship between information systems and real world objects enable the creation of business processes efficient and profitable.

Internet of Services - Companies, organizations and public services will be measured by the quality of its eServices provided to their customers, citizens, employees and partners.

Interactive Emotions - Technology to instrument, on time, opportunities, supported as the resources, people and information, share the capacity and willingness to interact naturally.