Logistics iOS app design for Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

Checkpoint Systems, Inc.
Guiding light in any warehouse
We designed an easy-to-use mobile tool used by warehouse workers to locate and organize goods via RFID tags. It is distributed as a part of SaaS for Checkpoint Systems clients.

Research and sketching
The main goal was to create a simple, intuitive user interface that any warehouse worker can use on a daily basis. Before proceeding to make final visual mockups we had several iterations of sketching that helped us achieve the easiest and most efficient user flow for the app. Some more time was spent on figuring out the infographics and the best way to show big chunks of data on a small screen.

Industrial typeface and colors
Since the app is designed as one of the tools used inside Checkpoint Systems company we wanted it to inherit the look and feel of the brand and made it match company’s visual identity. 
We also realized that the app is one of the main tools of warehouse worker so the colors should be comfortable for everyday use. 
Thus the app’s UI is done in relevant brand colors and features Oswald as a display typeface used in headlines and Source Sans Pro as the main typeface.

Improving the routine
One of the main use cases of the app is to count items located on warehouse. For his purpose we started to research how workers’ routine of counting items looked like and what areas should be improved. Based on that we’ve come up with a flow that would allow workers to count items in a quicker and more efficient way.

Filtering and sifting
To make it even more efficient we’ve designed a filter for Cycle count feature that allows workers to automate the sifting process during counting.

Locate items anywhere
The app is used in enormous warehouses where navigation is crucial. That’s why we’ve also designed items locating feature that workers would use to quickly find a good by having its UPC (Universal Product Code) only. In combination with RFID signal the app locates the item, shows how far the item is from the worker and gives navigation guidelines.

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