When tasked with creating a vinyl album cover for Nirvana - a band that I couldn't pick a single one of their songs out of a crowd - I knew I had my work set out for me. 

The album is specifically for their show live at the University of Kansas Union Ballroom. While creating this album design, I wanted to focus more on the people in the band and their personalities than the 'grunge' reputation that they earned over the years. 
Front of the album cover, including a textured pink sleeve and the record label.
Back cover, including a track listing and the back of the record label
Inside cover and front of the record label
When creating my album, I knew I wanted a mix of photo illustrations and hand-drawn elements. I wanted to call attention to the fact that the album was 'recorded' at the University of Kansas, but in a subtle way. I accomplished that by using Photoshop to place the members of Nirvana into Potter Lake. 

Unless you had been to the campus, you wouldn't know that it was at KU. I placed them in a daytime scene so that they just seemed like they were hanging out in the lake instead of doing something risque. I also had them all on the same plane, because when they sang at KU it was the start of their career so there was no real 'frontman' like Cobain soon came to be.  

For the inside cover, I used Illustrator and my Wacom tablet to doodle text and a few drawings as if it was the inside of a middle schooler's notebook. I included the track listing on the inside as well as several quotes about the band by different band members. I chose a bright pop of pink for the inside to play up the weirdness of the band. 

This project led me to make several refinements in order to create the final project, but I was happy with where I came to after all my drafts. 
Promotional poster for the Nirvana album
A GIF of my creative process