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The Walking Eddie

Game Design

The Walking Eddie
Branding  |  Game Design  |  Art Direction

TWE is a mobile game where you need to help your best zombie friend Eddie "survive" by controlling the environment using different items in challenging puzzles.

Eddie is a non-controllable character that will follow his instincts no matter what. You will have to use the items provided in each of the stages for guiding your zombie friend to reach his meal.

I had the amazing opportunity to shape the entire brand, and game design from the ground up.
That means everything - animations, illustrations, game design, and that includes the UX/UI. This wasn't a stroll in the park; it was a challenging journey that took over two years of hard work. I did all of this while juggling my main job! Was like having a second life dedicated to bringing Eddie's world to life.

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The Walking Eddie


The Walking Eddie

Mobile Game where you have to help and guide an unstoppable cute Zombie named Eddie