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Simplicity Table and Simplicity Chair Subtle, harmonious form of both chair and table underlines, again, the material not the design or the shape. Solid wenge wood in a form of 4 - 6cm wide boards defends itself, both as the tabletop and as the seat or rest of the chair. Limiting the form’s shape to the minimum, I focused on the details: joining between the tabletop and the leg and subtle inclusions of american black walnut in the chair.
Despite the simple form the chairs are comfortable.
Spaces In Between American black walnut on the front edges and back wall. Wenge on all side walls separates the front from the back wall, creating space which enhances the shade play and makes the 'space in between'.
The book shelf has a specific division of laying space, for example: the second row from the top is lower 
and more shallow than other rows. The first and last vertical rows have holes on the side walls of the shelf
to put favorite albums. Covers of the albums may create a well visible background for other books.