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    Infographic of the relationships within two clans of the Camorra.
Infographic of relationships within two clans of the Camorra
Organized crime in Italy is an economic sector which produces war.
10,000 deaths in the last 30 years. 4,000 people were killed by the Camorra,
more than from any other criminal organization, including terrorist groups.

The numerous clans that make up the Camorra have shared a densely
populated area of Naple an Caserta. The limits of this kingdom are invisible
and unlimited and expand daily.

The infographic visualizes the relationships within two clans of the Camorra:
You find the group of "Alleanza di Secondigliano" (left) and "Nouva Famiglia" (right).
Friendships are using a solid line, enmities are shown with a dotted line.
The thicker the respective line the more important is the relationship between both.

In collaboration with Eleonore Könyves-Tóth.