how to create an app without programming skills
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How To Create An App For Free?
Many people think that making an app costs a lot of money. Sometimes that's the way! What many people do not know is that there are also ways to develop free applications.

One way you can build an app for free is by programming yourself. You probably already knew this, but the question is how to learn how to program. Several free tutorials can help you build your own application.
It is also possible to get started with an app maker. It's true that most app makers charge money, but there are also some tools that are free to use.

Free tutorials

Some useful tutorials teach you how to create an app. A tutorial is similar to a course and lets you learn how to make an application.

1. IOS Course

Through the Apple website, you can learn to make an app for iPhone and iPad. They offer a manual that is aimed at beginners.

The manual is online and is completely free to view. In the course, you will learn, among other things, what tools you should use and also teach you through tutorials to program a number of apps. The downside is that everything is in English, but apart from that, this is a great guide for beginners to build applications for iOS.

2. Android Training

When you want to develop apps for Android, you can just go to the Android website. They offer free training for Android.
On the Android website, you will first learn what software you need to program. Then you will explain how to use the software. Then you can follow the steps in the tutorial and learn how to create your first Android app.
If you have done that, you can then continue with the other substance.

How To Create An App By Free App Makers

Most app makers charge money. Often you have to pay something of $ 30 a month. Sometimes it's a little cheaper, but usually, you have to pay quite a lot of money for it. However, you can also choose to use one of the free tools.


How To Create An App with Mobiroller? This allows you to build, publish, and earn money. With Mobiroller, you can easily create an app from, for example, your website. You then enter the URL of your website, and the site is automatically converted to an application. There are also many features available that you can add. The advantage of Mobiroller is that you can publish the app in the different app stores.

3. App Inventor

Google launched App Inventor in 2010, with which anyone could make applications for Android. In the meantime, Google has stopped serving, but the University of Massachusetts has continued to develop this tool. With this online tool, you can develop apps for Android for free. According to App Inventor, making applications with their service is as easy as putting together a puzzle. The big advantage of this program is that you can directly see the result of the created app on your mobile via a connection between your computer and smartphone.

Publish In The App Store

Most people who have created an app also want their app to be in the app store. This is not free! For Google Play you will have to pay a one-off $ 25, and Apple's app store will pay you $ 99 a year. The costs for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store are 14 Dollars.