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Best Packaging Of The Year 2017-18
Traditional monthly review of packaging on ‘What the Pack’. Gallery of inventive illustrations, simple and intricate examples of navigation within the rulers, as well as findings in the field of form and finish, caught the editorial board in May.

Illustration of the month

Watercolor in the line of Doves Farm Organic was chosen not by chance: it not only reports the airiness of the product, but also delicately illustrates the creative process of cooking, not imposing too bright "ideal" images on the consumer.

Typography of the month

Luck in the composition of - taste descriptors, duplicated on a sticker on the neck: they are typed in the same font as the main ones, and, tucked under a slightly larger angle than the logo, effectively strengthen the diagonal.

Ruler of the month

On the decision with two-color filling in Dead Clean agency Koniak Design inspired rare salts and minerals of the Dead Sea. On this contrast between the metallic shining shoulders of the vial and the rest of its surface, like a stitched therapeutic salt, a ruler is being built. Perhaps, the differentiation does not knock over, but I want to buy everything at once as you can avail some more best services from best movers is different countries include Abu Dhabi Movers, Movers in England, UK, US, Canada and many countries.

Construction of the month

Hardly having understood with Marc Jacobs, Established devoted themselves to the development of a new cosmetic series H & M. Beauty bloggers, cosmetic junkies and designers are equally subdued: seductive forms, a tiny logo, contrasting facets. Unless the collection of varnishes looks simpler, but lacquers - the consuming device in a greater degree.