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    Table light 3d modeled, 3d printed and hand finished on Gantri design platform. Light is available for purchase at Gantri.com
Created on Gantri

Balloon is created using Gantri's Table Lights Product System, which provides a standard set of components, resources and toolkit to help designers develop high-quality products easily.

A distinctively mid-century modern light, Balloon is created for people who spend their days in front of screens and want a soft, relaxed atmosphere at home. Its timeless, minimal form is a great companion for wood-heavy interiors.​​​​​​​
Chris Granneberg

Chris is a product designer with significant experience in user experience and design strategy. A graduate of the Pratt Institute School of Design, he worked for Karim Rashid and PepsiCo before founding his own studio. He aims to create thoughtful, honest, and desirable products, and he specializes in product, packaging, furniture, lighting and tabletop design.
Chris wants the products he designs to be accessible to everyone. “I love creating something that is friendly, approachable, and doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard,” he says. “Consumers don’t need to be design-savvy to enjoy a good product. Even if I’m just designing a mug that someone buys for a few bucks, I hope something about the way it feels in their hand will be memorable.”

Balloon is manufactured by Gantri in San Francisco. The body of the product is constructed with our in-house 3D printing technologies and then carefully hand-finished by local craftsmen to achieve a smooth luxurious finish. High quality pre-engineered components are then assembled with the body and quality checked before they are delivered to customers.
Gantri is a designer-first manufacturer based in San Francisco. Using smarter design and advanced 3D printing technologies, we help designers worldwide turn ideas into high-quality design products.