This was for the Penguin Random House book cover competition 2017. I had the task of creating an iconic moment from the book and making it stand out on the shelf so that people would pick it up. I decided to go with the time Adrain Mole wore red socks to school, in the book this was a great moment (Its a must read!) And of course, being a textiles student, I wanted to add stitch to it, so what better than to create the whole cover in stitches. After all, you need a needle and thread to make the socks, right? 
My final front cover for the Penguin Random House competition for the book: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4"
Screen Print, all about the read socks.
Machine Stitched picture of the time Adrain Mole wore red socks to school. 
Computer drawing.